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The Brief
This year's theme is "Financing the Future"

You are pitching to investors to raise up to £500,000 to create a youth-based business or investment product that will support a sustainable future. 


Your product or service can be designed to appeal to the consumer or business market. It could be focused on your local community or geared to a much wider audience.

It is important that your proposed products/services will be attractive to the market and readily understood. They can be entirely new and unique; they may add an extra and exciting dimension to an existing product or service or act as a competitive improvement to a market that already exists.

Queen Mary University of London defines plagiarism as ‘presenting someone else’s work as one’s own irrespective of intention.’  It is accepted that few products or services will be completely original but if you genuinely believe your product or service is, you must explain what research you have undertaken to prove that finding.  If you have developed an existing product or service, you must demonstrate what enhancements you have made.  The best way to do this is to define what points of difference your new productor service has (e.g. a technical or manufacturing enhancement).  If you wish to draw the attention of judges to particular web links that have informed your research, please feel free to do so.


You will need to assign roles among your team to research, develop and launch your product or service. You will also need team members to demonstrate how you intend to manage and grow your product or service successfully from development to five years after launch. You will need to produce a business plan for your product or service and show five-year annual projections for income, costs and profits. In particular you will need to explain what will be projected financial returns on that investment after 5 years.

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