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Presentation Guidance


You should design your presentation in PowerPoint using the headers in the template slides (located on the website and resource area). You may imbed video within your presentation to help demonstrate your business idea.

If you use graphs, make sure they are very simple and display one or two clear facts. You can expand your explanation in the presentation and also elaborate in the Q&A.


The presentation of your idea and your plans must not last more than 15 minutes. This timing is crucial, firstly in terms of very tight scheduling on the night, but also because part of the learning process is to distil all your research into a clear and concise presentation in the allotted time. All your hard work will not be wasted! The judges and audience will be exploring your deeper research and knowledge in the Q&A session.

Presentation roles

All the members of your team should be involved in the delivery of the presentation. Everyone should speak about their role and the aspect of the product or service they were assigned, such as market research, sales strategy, financial projections etc. You will therefore need to give some thought to the ‘flow’ of the presentation and how you transfer smoothly from one speaker to another. This needs practice as well as delivering each section of the presentation.

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