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Everything you need to know about the Livery Academy Awards
  • What is the Livery Academy Awards?
    The Livery Academy Awards is an innovative programme designed for City Livery Companies to engage with state schools to help stimulate business and entrepreneurial skills among their sixth-form pupils. The school teams are given a brief to develop a business idea and present it to an industry standard to a distinguished panel of judges (often household names) and an audience of company members. The companies provide each team with mentors from the finance and marketing/advertising/creative sectors, ideally drawn from their membership. This vibrant programme continues and expands the Livery’s ancient remit to encourage and nurture young people, giving them key skills which they can carry into the world of work.
  • When did the Academy Awards begin ?
    The programme originated at the Grocers’ Company in 2013 and now expanded to the Drapers, Haberdashers and Merchant Taylors. Winners take part in the exciting Grand Final at Mansion House, hosted by the Lord Mayor.
  • What was the winning service /product last year?
    Mossbourne Community Academy supported by the Grocers’ Company, were the winners of the Mansion House final in January 2023. Their innovative company called Clozo. The company was to build a platform app that allows customers to purchase used or damaged clothing. The business will buy excess stock that would have been previously burned or sent off to landfills. They would then sort the clothes into designated sectors depending on the quality of clothes and then upload the product to their app ready to be packaged in a warehouse and either sent via delivery or stored for customer sot click and collect.
  • What are the key diary dates?
    Mansion House Final - Tuesday 30th January 2024
  • How many team members should there be?
  • What are the student roles
    •CEO •Chief Operating Officer •Financial Director •Product Designer •Marketing Director •IT & Communications Officer
  • Do I meet my mentors in person or remotely?
    The preference is meeting with mentors in person.
  • How many times would I expect to meet my mentors?
    We would suggest that you agree a schedule between your team and your mentors. But we do recommend to meet as much as possible to gain the most out of the process.
  • How long should the presentation be?
    No longer than 15 minutes
  • Should the template slides be used to format the slide show, or is there flexibility, or a limit to the number of slides
    You can design your own slides but they should follow the exact format of the template slides. You can also imbed media files if required for your business / product.
  • How are the points awarded for the presentations?
    The Judges’ assessment will be based on the following factors: Commercial potential and financial understanding (40 points) • Viable product or service • Clear understanding and explanation of financials (using template) The quality of the presentation, and display of teamwork (20 points) • Engaging presentation skills • Quality of the PowerPoint slides • Team dynamics • Marks will be deducted if handouts are used The team’s performance in the Q&A session (30 points) • Active participation of every team member • Clear delegation of roles • Ability to answer questions fluently Originality of the idea (10 points)
  • Tell me more about the judging
    Present your idea clearly and succinctly. Every team member should contribute, both in the presentation and the Q&A. Consider holding a session beforehand looking specifically at what questions might come up and prepare draft responses. Perhaps ask someone not involved to listen to the final presentation and see what questions occur to them. Your presentation and slideshow should contain all the information you wish to convey – not handouts on the evening. Prototypes may be used but only on stage. Remember that the Judges will deduct points for over-running and if handouts are used.
  • Is there a certain amount of time the team will need to answer questions?
    There will be a ten-minute Q&A session involving questions from the judges and audience.
  • What do I wear for the Awards?
    Either smart business attire, school uniform or team outfits (such as t-shirts with smart trousers / skirts.
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